09 December 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

Royal A were made to sweat for their eighth win out of eight in Grenville, against Paignton Sea Anglers A.  The Royal led after the first round, with A Anglers pulling level in round two, then moving ahead by the halfway stage.  Royal regained a single-point lead in the next round and clung on to the lead to the final question.  Royal C took the lead in first conferring, but their opponents Paignton Sea Anglers D took up the running in the second section and, by the end of round four, held a nine-point advantage.  Royal C recouped two points in second conferring and took the final section 8-3, but it was not quite enough and D Anglers won 44-42.  Crown & Sceptre climbed off the bottom of the table after their 45-29 defeat of Castle Inn, moving above A Anglers.  The teams were all square at the halfway point but a difference of five turned into a disaster in the final section, with Crown scoring eleven without reply.

Devonport B stayed at the top of Hawkins, but only on aggregate points following their defeat at the hands of Torquay Rugby Club.  Dev B held a slender lead until the last round but were another team to suffer from going first, losing 8-3 and with it the match.  Bickley Mill drew level on match points at the top of the table, defeating Churston Golf Club Wytookays 37-30.  Bickley had surrendered an early lead, with the teams locked level after the fourth and fifth rounds.  Bickley took the final round 8-1 - and, yes, Bickley went second - and now trail Dev B on aggregate points only.  Devonport A maintained their third position with a comfortable victory at Preston Con Club, and held a ten-point lead after five rounds.  A correctly-answered question by Dev A number one Bev Rivers put the result beyond doubt and her team went on to win 44-32.

 Top scorer: Grenville - David Carpenter (Sea Anglers A) 12 & Hawkins - Nick Craig (Bickley Mill) 14

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Royal A found themselves sitting on a two-point lead at the top of Grenville after their 37-12 defeat of Paignton Sea Anglers A.  Royal’s lead was unassailable before the end of conferring and the closer-run last round was little comfort to the A Anglers.  Paignton Sea Anglers D did the Royal A a big favour by taking the points against Royal C in a tight match.  The teams were level after the opening section, and D Anglers edged a single-point advantage by half-way.  They also won each of the last two rounds and the match 31-27.  However D Anglers did not climb up the table, with Crown & Sceptre claiming a 30-13 victory against Castle Inn.  The Crown led from the off, but the Castle’s single bonus in round four boosted the Crown’s winning margin.

Hawkins pacesetters Devonport A put the divisional championship beyond doubt when they beat Preston Con Club 35-12, a victory ensured before the end of conferring.  Their nearest rivals, Devonport B, suffered a single-point defeat against Torquay Rugby Club, with the teams never having been more than one point apart all night.  Bickley Mill drew level on match points with Devonport B on the back of their 21-14 defeat of Churston Golf Club Wytookays.  Wytookays led to the half-way point but a poor showing in conferring allowed Bickley to take up the lead and they made no mistake in the last round.

Top scorer:  Grenville - Barnaby Tuck (Royal A) 10 & Hawkins - Nick Craig (Bickley Mill), Peter Pearse (Devonport A) 9

02 December 2009

Christmas Charity Quiz

The deadly serious business of League quizzing took a back seat for the week as an admirable turnout of twelve teams made a beeline for the Royal Hotel in Babbacombe.

GK question-setter Jon Dobbie sent eighty posers across the Atlantic, with League Chair Pat Farmer weighing in with his usual fiendish mix of twenty faces to identify.

Teams came up with the traditional bunch of topical aliases, with a certain Florida-based golfer coming in for a disproportionate amount of attention.

The first batch of questions were simply themed ‘General Knowledge’ and the very first question was a simple choice - was a nautical mile longer than an imperial one, or vice versa?  75% of the teams opted for the correct nautical version.  The first question to floor everybody came halfway through this batch, when none of the teams knew that the collective noun for a group of mice is a mischief.  At the end of it two teams had scored 12, Wrong Hole For Tiger were in second on 14, but the Stanley Pike School of Cider led the way with 14.

The announcement of Round Two’s subject matter, sport, brought groans from around the room, and the marks were certainly lower at the end of it.  The highest tally was twelve, and the lowest just three.  The first question set the scene, with nobody spotting that the Olympic Torch is on its way to next year’s Winter Olympic venue, Vancouver, rather than London.  All of the other questions set found at least one team supplying an answer that agreed with that given by the setter, but five of the questions attracted one correct answer only - and it was always a different team coming up with the goods.  Any suggestion of guesswork would be uncharitable.  After half of the written questions had been answered, the Spike Scholars still held the lead, but Wrong Hole now shared second place with Nil Desparandum Ex Officio, both five points off the pace.

Round three concerned music, ancient and modern, which proved much more enjoyable for the participants.  The lowest score in this round was ten, with the best effort two short of a full house.  Despite these figures, the only question that everyone got right was the correct identification of Joss Stone, although a lot of the others tripped up only a small minority of participants.  Wrong Hole had a bit of a “mare”, as they say, leaving Spike’s Cider Scholars in the lead, Nil Desparandum behind them, and in third Tiger Woods Hits A Hydrant & That’s Well Under Par another 2.5 points adrift.

The last set of questions were presented under the ‘Christmas’ banner, and Wrong Hole made a storming comeback, dipping out on only two of the questions on offer.  One of the two fooled everyone, with all teams giving Sir Cliff Richard the credit for being the artiste with most Christmas number ones.  Unfortunately for everyone, Sir Paul McCartney is the top Christmas chart-topper, with involvement on seven singles over the years.  Wrong Hole pushed themselves back up to third, a single point behind Nil Desparandum, but way out in front was the Cider School.

The picture round sensationally found two teams able to identify all twenty faces on the question sheet.  Tiger Woods Driving School had found the written questions harder than most teams there, but sprang into life over the pictures, identifying the lot.  Royal Returns also claimed a 100% spot-rate, and the feat raised them up to third overall.  Nil Desparandum were credited with 19 faces and finished the night a single point behind Spike’s Cider Scholars, otherwise known as Royal A.

Teams donated generously when it came to providing draw prizes, and £84 was raised through ticket sales.  When added to the entry fees it came to a grand total of £204 to buy toys for children in Torbay Hospital.

John Webber, who collapsed during the evening and was taken to Torbay Hospital, was happily released three hours later with a clean bill of health.  Your correspondent would be cheeky in the extreme to infer that he was hoping to try out some of the toys for himself at the hospital!


Full result:

1.  Stanley Pike School of Cider                                                     75

2.  Nil Desparandum Ex Officio                                                       74

3.  Royal Returns                                                                          70

4.  Tiger Woods Hits A Hydrant & That’s Well Under Par                  68.5

5.= Wrong Hole For Tiger                                                               65

5.= Jim’s WAGS                                                                           65

7.  We’d Rather Watch The Football                                               60

8.  Memories of Gin Soda & Lemon Juice                                       58

9.  Tiger Woods Driving School                                                      54

10. The Dog’s Still Pregnant                                                          47.5

11. Dubai Or Not Dubai                                                                 44

12.  Dick & Liddy                                                                           0


25 November 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

The top v second clash in Grenville resulted in a boost for divisional leaders Royal A when they comfortably beat Paignton Sea Anglers D by ten points, and extended their advantage to four match points.  Royal C might have hoped to close the gap on the leading two but they lost to Castle Inn in a free-scoring game.  Castle took the lead in the opening round and remained ahead throughout.  The win took them level on match points with their opponents, but still behind on points accrued.  At Paignton Sea Anglers A the home team’s defeat of three-strong Crown & Sceptre was their first win in five weeks, and sent the Torquay side to the bottom of the table.

Devonport B, unbeaten leaders of Hawkins Division, nearly suffered a first defeat of the season at Preston Con Club.  The visitors took a six-point lead out of opening conferring, but the hosts whittled the advantage down to two points with four rounds gone.  Dev B pushed their lead to four by the start of the last section but Con Club came back again, and it was only two prime points for late replacement Claire Reed on the very last question of the evening, that gave Dev B their 45-44 win.  Second-placed Bickley Mill spent the first half of their match at Devonport A playing catch-up after the opening round was shared seven-all.  Bickley Mill took the lead in round four and extended it with every round, taking the game 40-34 and opening up a gap in the table between themselves and their defeated hosts.  Torquay Rugby Club racked up the biggest score of the night in their 51-29 victory over Churston Golf Club Wytookays.  They were helped by a Golfing blank on botany and had the points sewn up well before the end of second conferring.  The win took them up to fourth in the table, with Preston Con Club moving in the downward direction.

Top scorers: Grenville - David Carpenter (Sea Anglers A) 10. Hawkins - Nick Craig (Bickley Mill) 13.


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Grenville has turned, once again, into a two-horse race with the usual suspects fighting it out for the Divisional title.  Royal C - Devon Dumpling in a previous incarnation - notched up an impressive score of 40 at Castle Inn, protecting their lead very effectively, with the game over and done with before round four started.  Not to be entirely outdone, second-placed Royal A outclassed Paignton Sea Anglers D 39-15, in another match that did not need the last round for a result.  Crown & Sceptre had a full complement of players by the time the Sport quiz started, and they disposed of Paignton Sea Anglers A 33-13.  The win took them above D Anglers on points accrued.

Devonport A’s perfect record at the top of Hawkins remained intact for another week, following their 25-20 defeat of Bickley Mill.  The Devvy edged each of the first three rounds, and hung in there to share the last round six-all and slap one hand on the divisional title.  They were assisted in their task by Preston Con Club, who inflicted only the second defeat of the season on second-placed Devonport B.  Indeed, Dev B had a three-point lead going into the last section but could only muster a single bonus on Autumn 2009.  With two questions left Dev B were one point ahead, but Con Club No. 4 Jim Bagwell then opened his scoring for the night, picking up a bonus, and answering his own question correctly to reverse the GK scenario and give his team a 24-22 victory.


Top scorers: Grenville - Derrick Evans (Royal C) 12, Peter Pearse (Devonport A) 7.


18 November 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

Grenville leaders Royal A spent the first half of the match catching up with the Crown & Sceptre, but a complete Crown blank on ‘Children In Need’ charity records saw the Royal take the lead for the first time, and they stayed in front to the end, preserving the League’s only remaining 100% record.  Paignton Sea Anglers D hit 50 points in disposing of the Castle Inn.  It could have been even more, but they also went through the ‘Children In Need’ round without gaining a single point.  Fortunately for them, the Castle had endured a torrid patch through the rounds about Greek letters and world currencies and were still well adrift.  The point of no return was reached during second conferring and D Anglers took the game 50-27.  Royal C achieved their first win since week two, although they did not take the lead against Paignton Sea Anglers A until round four.  They extended their lead by a single point in each of the last two sections, and emerged victorious at 41-37.

Devonport B continued their unbeaten run at the top of Hawkins, beating Churston Golf Club Wytookays - one of the teams to take a point off them in the first half of the season - by 48-28.  Dev B number four Jeremy Chudley had a disturbingly large amount of knowledge about the charity songs, correctly answering all but two of the questions in the whole round.  The Dev B win was beyond question before the end of second conferring.  Bickley Mill stayed in second place despite their defeat at the hands of Preston Conservative Club.  The Bickley took the lead in the second round but there was still just three points between the sides going into the last section.  Con Club’s knowledge of gods and goddesses outstripped the Bickley’s, and they grabbed both lead and match 33-29.  Devonport A closed the gap on the Bickley following their 39-31 defeat of three-strong Torquay Rugby Club.  The Rugby Club’s lead after first conferring rapidly evaporated and Dev A even overcame the disadvantage of scoring nil points on charity records, holding their eight-point advantage after round four to the end of the evening.

Top Scorers:  Grenville - Andy Faulkner (Paignton Sea Anglers D) 12;  Hawkins - Jeremy Chudley (Devonport B) 15. 

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The Royal battle at the top of Grenville saw the Cs add five more to their ‘for’ tally than the As.  Royal C, entertaining Paignton Sea Anglers A, led throughout the match and could not be overhauled by the end of conferring.  In the event, A Anglers failed to trouble the scorers on surnames ending in ‘man’ and Royal C romped away with a 36-14 victory.  Royal A made the short trip to the Crown & Sceptre and participated in a slightly closer-run game.  The A team also led throughout but did not claim an unbeatable lead until round four.  The wins left Royal C at the top of the division on points accrued, and Royal A tucked in at second.  Paignton Sea Anglers D outscored Castle Inn in every round and took the match 26-18.  The win took them up to third in place of Crown & Sceptre, two match points behind the leading pair.

Devonport A’s 100% record at the top of Hawkins was never in doubt at Torquay Rugby Club, where the hosts did not find the questions to their taste at all, borne out by the statistic that they registered a single individual bonus all evening.  Dev A gratefully picked up the bonuses and took home a 38-5 victory.  Devonport B hosted Churston Golf Club Wytookays in a less free-scoring encounter, with Dev B notching up a 23-7 win which kept them three points adrift of the leaders.  Bickley Mill also maintained the status quo by defeating Preston Con Club 26-10, but opened up a three-point gap between themselves and the remaining three teams in the division.

Top Scorers:  Grenville - Barnaby Tuck (Royal A), Derrick Evans (Royal C);  Hawkins - Peter Pearse (Devonport A)) 12.


11 November 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

Grenville pacesetters Royal A met their C team and a high-scoring match ensued.  By halfway the A team held a seven-point advantage but a complete blank on SI units allowed the Cs back into the game with the score at 30-all.  The A team reclaimed their lead in second conferring, at 41-38, which was enough to take the game when round six was shared six-all.  Paignton Sea Anglers D kept in touch with the leaders after their 48-43 defeat of Crown & Sceptre, although they had lost half of their ten-point lead over the final two rounds.  The lead changed hands several times in the match at Castle Inn, and the visiting A Anglers three were two points in front after five rounds.  However, three primes and two bonuses for the Castle on opera took them past the A Anglers and they claimed the narrowest of victories.

It was 2nd vs top in Hawkins as the unbeaten Devonport B entertained Bickley Mill, who were defending a 100% record.  Dev B had the better of the first half, but the Bickley fought back into contention and the teams were 38-all with one round to go.  At the final question Dev B were two points ahead and when the Gilbert & Sullivan knowledge failed everyone present, they took the game and climbed to the top of the division above their opponents on points accrued.  Devonport A led throughout the game at Churston Golf Club Wytookays, and the addition of two match points for the week took them up to third.  Torquay Rugby Club also moved up the table on the back of their 52-39 defeat of Preston Con Club.  Rugby Club were never behind in the match but their comfortable seven-point advantage at the halfway mark had been whittled down to two by the end of the next section.  However they extended their lead again in second conferring and raced to a 52-39 win during the final round.  The defeat saw Con Club drop two places in the table.

Top scorers - Grenville: David Lawson (Castle Inn) 10;   Hawkins: Neil Coles (Devonport A) 12. 


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Match of the day came at the Royal Hotel where the As and Cs clashed at the top of Grenville.  The A team brought a 100% record to the table, and the first round was shared, although the C team took a narrow lead by the halfway point.  The Cs’ advantage was down to two after conferring but they pulled away in round four, taking both the game and pole position in the division.  Paignton Sea Anglers D defeated Crown & Sceptre by just three points but the Crown stayed above the D Anglers on points accrued.  Meanwhile the A Anglers took just three players to the Castle Inn, and travelled back home with the match points after a 21-10 victory.  Captain Dave Carpenter scored all his team’s individual points - 16 - and was unsurprisingly top scorer of the evening.

Devonport A kept up their winning ways at the top of Hawkins with a decisive defeat of Churston Golf Club Wytookays.  The questions didn’t suit the Golfers at all and the game was over by the end of the third round, keeping Dev A three points clear of their nearest rivals.  The team in second place, Devonport B, also won but the match against Bickley Mill was a much closer-run affair.  Although the Dev B were four points to the good with one round remaining, the result was in doubt until near the end of the match.  Torquay Rugby Club met Preston Con Club, who were just above them before the questions were asked - but the Rugby players’ 16-13 victory saw the teams change places in the table.

Top scorers - Grenville: David Carpenter (Sea Anglers A) 16;  Hawkins: Peter Pearse (Devonport A) 11.


04 November 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

Royal A had the points in the bag with one round left in their match against Castle Inn.  They had led from the off and the win left them at the head of Grenville, sitting on a two-point gap and their intact 100% record.  Paignton Sea Anglers D stayed tucked in at second following their defeat of the A Anglers.  Until the halfway stage the two teams were level, but the D Anglers fell behind during the Gunpowder Plot section.  They then regained the lead in second conferring, pulling away in the final round to make the game safe.  Crown & Sceptre picked up their first points of the season by inflicting a second defeat running on Royal C.  The Royal set off in the lead, but the Crown drew level in round two, pulling ahead on cartoons and staying in front to the final question.

Bickley Mill continued their winning ways at the top of Hawkins, making it four wins out of four with a 41-32 defeat of Torquay Rugby Club.  The Bickley trailed after first conferring, but weathered the meteorology round better than their opponents, taking a lead which they never relinquished.  The Bickley’s nearest rivals, Devonport B, lost their early lead against Devonport A and were five points behind with just one round to play.  The A team gained just two bonuses on aircraft country codes while the B team notched up two primes and three bonuses, enough to take a share of the game.  Preston Con Club moved up to third with their 41-26 defeat of Churston Golf Club Wytookays.  The Golfers led after first conferring, but the Con Club took the lead in meteorology and built on the lead throughout the rest of the match.

 Top Scorer :  Grenville - Peggy Heathcock (Royal A) 10;  Hawkins - Lee Hayward (Devonport B), Neil MacTaggart, Bill Gott, Nick Craig (Bickley Mill) 9.


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Royal A maintained their 100% start with a victory claimed over Castle Inn at a canter.  Eight points ahead after the first round, the Royal had an unassailable lead by the end of conferring and ended up 35-14 winners.  Royal A also have the bonus of a two-point lead at the top of Grenville after Crown & Sceptre defeated Royal C by a sizeable margin.  The C team started badly, 10-2 down after the German round, and Crown were home and dry before the start of round four.  Paignton Sea Anglers D stayed third in the table, having beaten their A team 30-22.  The teams were tight for the first two rounds, but the D team pulled away in conferring, consolidating the lead with a better knowledge of 1984.

Devonport A opened up a three-point gap at the top of Hawkins when they defeated their B team 26-23.  The sides were all square after the first round but the A team pulled ahead in the second section.  Although the B team had the better of the last round, Dev A had amassed a big enough lead to take the game.  Bickley Mill and Torquay Rugby Club were just one point apart with one round remaining, but the Rugby Club fared slightly better on 1984 sport, and took a share of the points for a second week on the bounce.  The point for the Bickley took them level on match points with Dev B but still in third on points scored.  Preston Con Club took an early lead against Churston Golf Club Wytookays which they extended as the rounds progressed and which led to their first win of the season.

 Top Scorer : Grenville - Nigel Middleton (Crown & Sceptre) 10;  Hawkins - Steve Powley (Devonport B), Nick Craig (Bickley Mill) 8.


28 October 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

A three-point gap opened up at the top of Grenville behind Royal A after the week three matches.  The Royal took the lead in the second round of their match at Paignton Sea Anglers A, eventually taking the game 40-31.  Royal C lost ground in losing to Paignton Sea Anglers D.  Having lost opening conferring 10-9, C team drew level, then briefly held the lead at the halfway stage.  However D Anglers reclaimed the advantage when the Royal failed to score on chemistry matters and kept their noses in front to the final question.  The win elevated them to second in the table above their defeated opponents.  The early rounds at the Castle saw the lead swing back and forth and, after five rounds, the hosts held a single-point lead on Crown & Sceptre.  In the final section they extended the lead and wound up 35-29 winners.

Bickley Mill made it three wins in three games with a 36-28 victory at Churston Golf Club Wytookays.  Wytookays spent the first half of the match in the lead but here, too, the chemistry round had a material effect on the outcome.  Bickley Mill took the round 10-0 and never surrendered the lead.  Devonport B stayed in second place with a 42-35 win at Torquay Rugby Club.  Dev B took the lead from the first question and built up a double-figure lead with two rounds remaining.  The Rugby Club pulled four points back in second conferring but could make no further inroads into the Dev B lead, although despite the loss they remain third in the table.  Devonport A and Preston Con Club shared the first round 8-all but thereafter the Conservatives moved ahead, their lead increasing with each passing round.  By the end of conferring they had all but won the game, and put the result beyond doubt with a correctly-answered first question in round six.


Top scorers:  Top Scorer:  Jim Bagwell (Preston Con Club) 13 (Hawkins) & Don Minifie (Royal C) 11 (Grenville).

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It’s as you were at the top of the divisions, with Royals C and A occupying the top two Grenville places.  Royal C trailed Paignton Sea Anglers D for the first half of the quiz but maintained the lead they took in conferring, going on to win by four points.  Royal A had a much easier time of it at Paignton Sea Anglers A, where they led from start to finish, wrapping the game up as a contest before the end of conferring.  Crown & Sceptre moved up to third, having beaten Castle Inn by a comfortable margin.  The Castle’s failure to start scoring until round two helped the Crown on their way and they, too, had the points in the bag before the start of the final section.

The top of Hawkins sees Devonport A leading, with Devonport B following close behind.  The A team had amassed a 17-3 lead by the halfway point in the match against Preston Con Club and easily held on to their 100% record.  Devonport B trailed Torquay Rugby Club from the off and were three points adrift after conferring, but three B team bonuses in the final round clinched a share of the points, as the Rugby Club failed to score any further points.  Bickley Mill remained tucked in at third place, having defeated Churston Golf Club Wytookays 18-14.

 Top scorers:  Nigel Middleton (Crown) 13  (Grenville) & Rob Stone (Devonport A) 10 (Hawkins).


21 October 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

Both Royal teams have yet to drop a point in Grenville, with Royal A leading the way at the top of the table.  A team found themselves adrift of D Anglers after the first round but drew level after the second section.  From then they took the lead and wound up 45-38 winners.  Royal C were also playing catch-up against Castle Inn but the chase here lasted until second conferring, before the C team claimed a lead which they maintained to the end of the contest.  Crown & Sceptre found themselves in a similar position to the Castle, as they held the lead against Paignton Sea Anglers A for the first four rounds.  However, as with the Castle, Crown lost the lead during the penultimate round, going on to lose 30-32 to the A Anglers.

After only two weeks of competition, Bickley Mill have the last 100% record in Hawkins.  Hosting Devonport A, they trailed their visitors for the first four rounds but took a narrow lead in second conferring, which they consolidated in the final section, winning 33-29.  Devonport B moved up to second on the back of their 36-18 win against Preston Con Club.  Starting with an 11-4 lead after first conferring, Dev B moved further ahead with each passing round, ensuring their win during second conferring.  Torquay Rugby Club amassed a full team against Churston Golf Club Wytookays and reaped the benefit, running out 39-21 victors.  Their early lead was compounded by the Golfers’ zero score on literary sub-titles and Rugby Club were another side home and dry before round six.

Top scorers:  Don Minifie (Royal C, Grenville) 13  :  Jeremy Chudley (Devonport B, Hawkins)  10


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Royal C kept their grip on the top of Grenville with an overwhelming defeat of Castle Inn, whose cause was not helped by failing to score in the first round.  Royal A remained in second place, their win at Paignton Sea Anglers D being a harder-fought affair.  D Anglers took a narrow lead after the first round, but the Royal took up the running thereafter.  The contest remained close until the final round when the Royal pulled away to win 32-26.  Crown & Sceptre led throughout their game against Paignton Sea Anglers A, and held an unassailable lead before the start of the final round.

The Devonport teams stayed top of Hawkins division, with the A team having the easier ride at Bickley Mill.  Dev A took the lead from the off, and were unbeatable by the end of conferring.  The B team shared round one with Preston Con Club, moving on to increase their lead round on round, ending up 26-17 victors.  Churston Golf Club Wytookays moved above Con Club following their 17-15 defeat of Torquay Rugby Club.  The teams matched each other point for point to the halfway mark, but the two extra points that Wytookays picked up in the 1990s snooker conferring question made all the difference to the final score.

Top scorers:  Barnaby Tuck (Royal A, Grenville)  11  :  Beverley Austin (Golf Wytookays, Hawkins)  9


14 October 2009

LAL Language School General Knowledge

The 2009-10 quiz season got underway with new sponsors for both sections of the quiz.  Both Royal teams got off to a flying start, with the Royal A’s 39-34 defeat of Crown & Sceptre taking them to the top of the Grenville division.  Having trailed the Royal all game, the Crown drew level during second conferring but a single bonus on ‘Fire Starters’ could not match the Royal’s score of six and the game slipped away from them.  Royal C spent the first half of their game at Paignton Sea Anglers A playing catch-up, and moved in front for the first time during the fourth, food and drink, round but here too the teams were on level terms going into the final section.  The whole quiz ultimately rested on the very last question, which Royal C’s No. 4 Rosie Stafford correctly answered to clinch the game 38-37.  Paignton Sea Anglers D claimed an early third place in the table following their victory at the Castle Inn.  D Anglers held a two-point advantage going into the last round but, with Billy Joel honours evenly-shared, they ran out 36-34 winners.

Bickley Mill are the early pacesetters in Hawkins, starting the season with a 39-31 win at Preston Conservative Club.  Bickley led throughout the match, pulling away in the last two rounds for a decisive victory.  Devonport A tucked into second place with a 36-27 defeat of three-player Torquay Rugby Club..  The Devonport led from the off, and had secured a big enough lead by the end of second conferring to ensure a victory, come what may.  Churston Golf Club Wytookays and Devonport B shared the points in their match.  Devonport B led the way in the first half but were totally derailed by the food and drink round, which also happened to be right up Wytookays’ No. 3 Jean Cope, adding six bonus points to her tally.  Still three points adrift with one round left to play, Dev B identified enough 20th century years to draw level.


Massey Building Management Sports Quiz

The top three Grenville Sport places are occupied by the same teams as the GK section, except Royal C narrowly claimed top spot with an emphatic victory at Paignton Sea Anglers A.  The C’s point of no defeat was reached during conferring and they went on to win 37-16.  Paignton Sea Anglers D were in a similar position at Castle Inn, where they had the game sewn up before the end of the conferring section, and their final scoreline was 36-18.  Royal A had tougher opposition in Crown & Sceptre but they still held a ten-point advantage with one round to go.  The Crown’s last-ditch comeback was spirited but too late, although they halved the deficit and ended up losing 33-28.

The Devonport teams lead the way in Hawkins, with the A team sitting at the top of the table.  The Rugby Club failed to score in the opening round, and were 13-2 down by the halfway stage.  By the end of conferring the contest was over and Dev A took the game 30-12.  Dev B took the first round 4-3 at Churston Golf Club Wytookays, but extended their lead with every passing round, going on to win 26-15.  Bickley Mill trailed Preston Con Club for the first three rounds, but took the summer 2009 round 6-1 and the game 23-20.

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